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This is a great time of year. All my friends and family back in Colorado are dealing with cold temperatures and, in some areas, even snow. Here, we’re in the 70s and, despite a few cold nights, enjoying beautiful south Texas weather. The blooming plants and flowers are also popping up this time of year.

So it’s also a good time to remind people just how easy it to submit items to your local newspaper. We want your news, be it a calendar item, a news release, information on a community event, a sports score or a Seen on the Scene photo of your child doing something cute. Part of being a good community newspaper is working with people to make sure items they like to see in the newspaper find a home in it.

Let’s talk about Seen on the Scene for a moment. It’s a great concept. Where else can you get a photo published that’s seen by thousands of people? In coming months, you’ll have even more chances (and places in the paper) to get your photos printed.

As you may have noticed, we started some standing items on the bottom of a couple of our features pages, Good Living and Home and Garden. In coming weeks, you’ll see similar areas in sports, business and lifestyle, too. These features and sports pages will hold specific topic-related Seen on the Scene photos. And on page 2 every day, you’ll still see a smorgasbord of photos. We’re making it even easier to get your photos published in the paper.

To submit photos, go to and upload your digital image at Seen on the Scene. To have your picture selected, you must include detailed caption information, including the full name and hometown of the person featured and an explanation of the picture. You also may mail your photographs to Seen on the Scene, P. O. Box 1518, Victoria, TX. 77902.

And if you have any questions on how to submit other items, just let me know.


Thomas Martinez