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Who's singing the Monday blues?

Our A1 centerpiece will be a Character of the Crossroads feature on Harold Wilkins. Here's a tease to that story: A celebration has been missing from list the summer events in Harold Wilkins’ hometown since he moved back six years ago. But the Edna native is working to bring Juneteenth celebrations back to Jackson County.

“I figured I’d try to start something off and maybe it could go years,” Wilkins said. So Wilkins started organizing a Juneteenth pageant and parade in March for the holiday celebrating when Texans first heard slavery had been abolished in the United States. Since March, Wilkins has the pageant set and is looking for more people to enter floats into the parade.

“It’s open to the public for entry,” Wilkins said. “Anyone who wants to enter can.” About 16 or 17 groups have expressed interest in putting floats in the parade, but only four have committed so far, Wilkins said.

Other A1 stories we're pursuing today are follows on several stories from today and the weekend, some tragic: A 3-year-old drowned on Saturday; there was some kind of shooting in a home-invasion situation; and an auto-bicycle accident. Also, inexplicably, we didn't report results from the Industrial ISD elections on Saturday. We'll have those for you as well.

In sports, we'll tell how the spring football practice is going for St. Joseph; Yoakum could get a new football coach tonight; and state golf and tennis are in action.

Please let us know what you think about these stories or if you have tips or suggestions on any others. Please remember, breaking news can change these plans.


Thomas Martinez