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Happy Monday

I have a thought for you today before we get to the news: Have you ever wondered why you don't ever see the headline: 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?

Here's our lineup for Tuesday:

On A1, our centerpiece will be a look back at the first year of the automated trash pickup service. Has it saved the city money like officials thought it would?

Other A1 possibilities, we'll have another Exelon story, this one explaining the urgency in getting federal loan guarantees increased now and where Exelon is in its takeover of NRG and the South Texas nuclear project.

Also, the city council is expected in its meeting Tuesday to discuss giving the city manager a 20 percent raise to bring his pay in line with other like cities.

For B1, the centerpiece we'll give you a feature on the new food bank director, Dennis Brown, only the third director in the past 20 years.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, we're set with the next installment of our Most Powerful series, this one featuring No. 5. Here's a tip to that person's identity. These items are on his desk: Calculator, tissue, files, bottle of water.

Please let us know what you think about these stories or if you have tips or suggestions on any others. Please remember, breaking news can change these plans.


Thomas Martinez