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I wrote a feature the other day on a compelling softball player from the University of Houston-Victoria.

Brittany Boren is an unassuming young woman and braved an interview with me on a windy day when we both ended up eating some dirt from a wind storm at the practice fields.

Boren is from Bryan, Texas. She went to San Jacinto Junior College before signing on to play at UHV. She started playing softball when she was 7. She also played volleyball, but focused on softball during her senior year, working hard to realize her dream of playing college ball.

You can read the story and get a good idea of who Boren is. But as with any story, a lot of good material got chopped off.

Here are some exerpts:

Boren on being self-critical: "I am my worst critic. I get mad at myself when I make a mistake. I have to keep myself in check, and not let my own criticism get to me.

Boren on the importance of defense: “You always want to be a good hitter, but strong defense will win you championships.” "I will stay after practice and work harder to just make myself better."

Boren on being a home run hitter last year: “I didn’t know where it came. This year, I’m trying to focus on hitting more line drives. The more I started trying to hit home runs, the more I started popping out.”

Boren on playing softball at Bryan, a powerhouse: "The goal there was always to go to state, win state. There was no off year. We had so much talent there. We always expected to go to state. If we didn’t, the season didn’t mean anything. It was like the season was a failure. It got me to where I am, made me stronger as a player. To always have those goals you work for, to aim high, and eventually get to those goals.

Boren on keeping mentally sharp over long season: “It’s about 90 percent mental, 10 percent physical. You know how to do it, it’s just letting your body do it for you.”