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Plans for any section of the newspaper can be fluid when there's breaking news. We can make a plan for one thing, and then as the day develops, we find out new news or other information that alter those plans.

That's what happened Wednesday. We have the tragic story of the young man who was stabbed to death. It happened in the early morning hours, so there wasn't a lot of immediate art options available to us. We sent photo editor Frank Tilley to the scene in the morning hours, and he came back with a photo that illustrated the aftermath of the scene -- not very exciting hours after the fact. But it is what it is.

Later, we found out about a make-shift vigil friends of the victim were having. So the art possibilities got that much better. That's what multimedia editor Robert Zavala, local editor Becky Cooper and photo editor Frank Tilley discuss in this video:

Also, during 6 p.m. page checks, we sometimes get a sneak preview of plans and packages that are coming together for the weekend editions. In this video, artist Julie Zavala gives us a glimpse of an awesome illustration she is working on for Sunday's paper.

And finally, what you may not realize is that newsrooms are food-aholics. We eat virtually anything and everything in a newsroom. A lot of staff members have candy jars out for people's enjoyment. Most times the candy jars lose. That's what delivery desk editor Eric Jensen talks about in this video: