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So the other day, Kevin Alexander, assistant presentation editor/sports, invited two University of Houston-Victoria softball players to the Advocate to do a photo shoot on the softball preview package

Team co-captains, Brittany Faas and Tasha Rotramel, were gracious in accepting our invitation and working with us for the photo shoot.

We subjected Faas and Rotramel to bright lights and repeated takes, but they were troupers and braved the experience. Watch this video for a little bit of what they experienced.

The idea behind the photo shoot is to try something different in how we present regular "old" sports previews.

One reason to do a photo shoot?

"We try to capture a personality, to let people see an athlete in a different light than the one they're always seen in," Alexander says.

You may see more of these in sports. Keep in mind, this is not a new concept, as newspapers have done them in some form for decades.

It is, however, a fun approach to bring a package together, for the staff and the athletes.

As always, thanks for reading.

Thomas Martinez