Blogs » Easy writer » Your Advocate for July 28


The 6 p.m. hour is usually a fun hour in the Advocate newsroom. That's the time where some of the top editors (like Chris Cobler, myself, multimedia editor Robert Zavala, presentation editor Kiko Fieg, and photo editor Frank Tilley) do what we call a page check.

That entails looking at the main section fronts with the page designers. We take a look at how the page is shaping up, will maybe talk about headlines or photo choices and offer other suggestions, if needed. It's basically a progress report. Here in this video, we're helping designer Lauren Hightower craft the main headline about the funeral plans for Kevin Nurse, the donor heart recipient from New York who moved to Victoria in January.

In this video, artist Julie Zavala shows us what the main art for page B1 will look like. It's an nifty illustration that she did to accompany reporter Aprill Brandon's column.

We also look at sports, as sports editor Stephen Herzog shows us a local story as the centerpiece flanked by stories about Yao Ming and Lance Armstrong.

We'll show you behind-the-scene previews of these page checks a couple of times a week. If you have suggestions for other behind-the-scene action of our newsroom, send me a note.