Blogs » Easy writer » Page-check football: your Advocate for July 31


We have some football fans in the newsroom at the Advocate. One of the biggest is public service reporter Gabe Semenza, a rabid and diehard Cowboys fans. I'm a Broncos fan, no surprise considering my office is adorned with Colorado sports memorabilia. Editor Chris Cobler also likes the Broncos, but he swears this year he'll be a non-Broncos fan. Maybe he'll switch allegiance to the Cowboys or Texans.

Awhile ago, we decided to break the sometimes serious and grim nature of a newsroom with a little levity during the 6 p.m. page checks. We decided page-check football was the perfect way to do that.

Most in the newsroom indulge us this little bit of fun, even though it has left more than one casualty in its wake, like the time we bonked -- on accident -- an unsuspecting copy editor on the head with the football. Hey, it's a nerf football at least. What's not seen on the this video is after Cobler throws a pass that Semenza fumbles, Semenza throws the ball back to Cobler. The ball, however, hits the ceiling and nearly takes out the computer of our presentation editor. Funny stuff -- but I hope the publisher isn't reading this.

Anyway, besides the football, we do conduct a little business, too. On Friday, for example, we talked a lot about the TAKS ratings. Victoria school district improved a lot this year. Also on page 1, we have a strong package on the emotional funeral of Kevin Nurse.

Again, these video peeks are fairly new. I like the concept, and we'll continue to show you behind-the-scene previews of the page checks a couple of times a week. If you have suggestions for other behind-the-scene action of our newsroom, send me a note.

Thanks for reading. tm