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I had an engaging interview with University of Houston-Victoria sophomore pitcher Baylea Wagener. Her story appeared in Thurday's Advocate.

We talked about her horse, Rebel, her artwork and her future on the team. Here are some items that were left on the cutting room floor:

Wagener on the team working on getting consistent at the plate: "We change a little bit in practice and focus on certain things, but we just try to work hard and get the most out of practice as we can."

Live pitching (which the team did this week in practice), that really helps. Practice, practice, practice. We work on hitting line drives.

Wagener on getting to hit during games: "Its’ something I always practiced on the side anyways, so If I do ever get put in game situations like I have been, then I won’t be just another strikeout, hopefully not an easy out."

Wagener on her horse, Rebel: "Well, he just turned 11 in April. I have another one back home. I didn’t grow into Rebel until he was a little older. he’s pretty neat. He’s definitely fun to have. As I got older it just really turned into my deal. I’m the one that took care of him, the one who would go out and ride him , that kind of thing. My parents bought me a horse trailer and taught me how pull it. So I’ll just take him where ever I want."

Wagener on her background: "I went to Angleton High School. We good rivalry with the El Campo girls (Brittany Faas and Emily Bergstrom). We lived right next to where Tasha lives (Lake Jackson), so we had some rivalry there."

Wagener on being a team leader next year: "It’s a little bit of pressure, but you just pay attention to the how the seniors act this year. You learn things that you want to do, that you don’t want to do. Ok, then next year, I’ll be like this or I won’t be.

"I'll know the kinds of things I didn't know this year. Well, I didn’t think it would that big of deal. I didn’t know that kind of thing, you need to be 15 minutes early everywhere. You’re expected to do extra."

"They’re going to be times where we'll get in trouble because for people being late, and you know it’s going to happen, but you can’t stop it. Hopefully they won’t mess up too much.

Wagener on her future: "I didn’t know there was a world without softball. I'm still working on that. I'll finish my bachelor’s and work on a master’s. I wish I could say I had a plan. Just trying to figure out where I can go with psychology and what I can do with that.

Wagener on what she likes to do in her spare time: "I like to ride horses and do art. At home I have horses and I used to ride a lot there. It got kind of lonely my freshman year without them, so my parents let me move one of them here in Victoria. It’s pretty neat.

"I did a lot of art work. Something I kind of did separate from softball. I like to do photo-realism. It’s where you take a picture and you blow it up and basically copy the exact same thing. I like to do it with color pencils."