Blogs » Easy writer » Sneak Peek: A look at the 11-11-10 Veterans Day Advocate


Veterans Day holds a special place for me. I'm a third-generation veteran, following in the footsteps of my grandfather and father, a Korean War Veteran. I'm a veteran of the the first Persian Gulf War.

So I usually take the day off, spending it watching parades and honoring veterans, some of whom are our greatest heroes. I hope I see you out there waving a flag.

Every year we lose more and more veterans of the great war. Most WWII veterans are in their 90s. Those great, living links to our history soon won't exist. Take a minute on Thursday and give them thanks.

Speaking of Veterans Day, we have a pretty cool Veterans Day front page planned for the occasion. You'll see a sneak peek of the page in the video below.

Thanks as usual for reading (and watching).

Thomas Martinez