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You grow up in Colorado, and you're indoctrinated a Denver Broncos fan. You bleed Orange and Blue.

I equate that to much like the Dallas Cowboys are here in Texas.

About quarter of a century ago, a famous Dallas Cowboys running back unceremoniously ended his playing days with the Denver Broncos after being traded.

That Cowboys great was Tony Dorsett, a National Football League Hall of Famer.

I always wanted to ask Dorsett, was it worth it to end your career the way it did, in a different city on a different team?

A year after Dorsett's career ended, another great one started.

Emmitt Smith started his career with the Cowboys in 1990. Smith, of course, would become the NFL's all-time leading rusher and arguably one of its greatest running backs.

He, some say, would unceremoniously end his playing days much in the same situation as Dorsett. After setting the NFL all-time rushing record, Smith went on to play for Arizona for two years before calling it quits in 2005.

I would pose the same question for Smith that I asked of Dorsett.

What question would you ask Emmitt Smith?

The former Cowboys great is coming to Victoria on May 7 for a Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity fundraiser.

You can win two tickets to meet Emmitt Smith during the fundraiser.

You will be entered into drawing to win those tickets one of two ways: post a photo or blog on our AdvoSports site, or submit a question on our Advosports Facebook page for Emmitt Smith to answer during the fundraiser.

Do either of those things, and you could win a chance to meet an NFL Hall of Famer.

That's not something that comes along every day.