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Myles, Ralph, Thomas

Father's Day is Sunday. It's usually a weird day for me, but this year will be even more so.

Like many others, I am both a son and a father. This will be the first year, however, I won't be with my son on Father's Day. Or my Dad, either.

I am a proud Dad; my son, Myles, has grown into a great kid, maturing in life, excelling in college. He amazes me every day as I watch him transform from the kid I remember -- and try to hold onto -- to an adult with a unlimited future. I remember the day he was born vividly, holding this newly born kid in my hands for the first time, and cutting the umbilical cord. I remember Little League days, band concerts, our love of movies and our quest to ride as many different roller coasters as possible. I also remember the gray hairs he gave me when he was learning to drive.

I am a proud son, too, envying my dad, Ralph, for his strong work ethic (44 years as a mechanic at Continental Airlines) and his ability to create or fix things with his hands, though age -- he'll be 80 this year -- and health issues have slowed him down. I remember, growing up, working with him on cars, whether it was fixing engines or doing body work. I have more than a few scars on my knuckles from those days. I remember exploring all points in Colorado as a kid during our summer camping trips.

Broncos stained glass

Later in his life, Ralph turned into a great artist, creating stained glass masterpieces. I'm also thankful both my parents were readers, as my dad passed on a great number of books for me to read.

Sunday, I'll celebrate Father's Day as both a proud dad and son, glad that both Myles and Ralph are in my life, even though I'll be unable to celebrate with them in person.

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