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I was lucky enough to earn a fellowship for the 2013 ASNE/API Minority Leadership Institute in Washington, D.C. Some of the top minority journalists in the nation will be part of this year's Leadership Institute.

When talking -- and learning about leadership -- what better place than D.C.? Some of the nation's greatest leaders call Washington home.

The leadership institute is a whirlwind two days.

We will study concepts like:

-- Foundational Leadership and Personal Growth.

-- Collaborative leadership.

--Getting the Best From Others.

--Strategy and Innovation.

--Leadership in Times of Increased Diversity.

The Institute tries to provide real-life managerial tools and help us develop critical leadership skills to lead people, projects, innovation and newsrooms.

One of the cool things for me will be our group digging into diversity and how we can explore better strategies to incorporate it into newsrooms and news coverage.

Here's the full list of the talented journalists in the Minority Leadership.

I'll be writing over the next couple days about some key points and discussions we talk about in the Institute, and then from the regular ASNE conference. Stay tuned.

Standing in front of the White House.

A statue of Jackson in battle.

St. John's Episcopal Church.