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One of the more interesting sessions in today's Minority Leadership Institute was on 10 Things Great Bosses know. The session was taught by Poynter Institute management guru Jill Geisler.

Leaders, or great bosses,:

-- Help others succeed.

-- Cannot treat everyone the same.

-- Know IQ gets them only so far; EQ (emotional intelligence) takes them to the next level. (EQ are things like self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management.)

-- Know people fall in love with ideas and solutions of their own creation.

-- Know coaching is a critical skill. (Great coaches ask questions, listen, think analytically, clarify, focus, ID steps toward solutions, trust others to decide, provide constructive feedback.)

-- Know staffers must see you, not the evil twin.

-- Know conflict doesn't get better if it is ignored.

-- Know intrinsic motivation is the most powerful. (Intrinsic motivators are things like competence, autonomy, purpose and growth.) The absence of a demotivator is not a motivator.

-- Know managing change is a constant motivator. (Five keys are education, emotion, motivation, communication and collaboration.)

-- Know leaders inspire. (Leaders have the power to inspire -- if they choose to use it.)

Other key outtakes from the Institute's first day:

-- Collaborative leaders know it's not about them and put others first. (Presenter Mizell Stewart)

-- You are not a great leader until you learn to take responsibility for that you don't control. (Stewart)

-- Communication is key to collaboration. Lack of information nurtures fear. Key is to establish regular routine for communication. (Stewart)

-- Be selfish about blame but be generous about giving credit and praise. (Stewart)

-- Our industry needs to focus on engagement: How can we more deeply engage consumers and advertisers? (presenter Mei-Mei Chan)

What do you think are great qualities of leaders?