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We always are looking at ways to improve what we do. Get better or get out, a wise editor once told me.

We are having an internal contest for the month of October. The staff video with the most views for the month wins. We're talking big money here, ticker-tape parade, a handshake and grip-and-grin photo with the publisher, a spot on the Arsenio Hall Show, the whole deal. The staff is already falling over each other trying to produce the best video.

As we produce what we think is good video, we want your feedback. Tell us what you like to see in our produced videos. What makes a video good? What do we do well, or what do we need to improve on? What types of video do you like? Long ones, short ones, breaking news or feature pieces ... give us your thoughts.

We'd rather get better than get out.

Here are a few of the produced videos from the month so far:

TV repair man

National night out

I treat these kids like they're my own

Life is full of trials