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At the game

We are in the middle of a selfie craze. It seems everywhere you turn, everbody's taking a selfie and uploading it to their multiple social media accounts.

Don't know what a selfie is? The word, selfie, refers to people who take a picture of themselves, usually from a smartphone to upload to social media.

It became so popular in 2013 that the Oxford Dictionaries declared it as word of the year.

Of course, the entertainment industry helped spur the selfie craze.

Hey, we here in the news business aren't immune to the craze, either. The above photo is a selfie I took with my son, Myles, at a recent Texans-Broncos game in Houston. Look at any journalist's Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account, and you're likely to see selfies galore.

That's why we decided to make our January photo contest about selfies. Send us your best selfie, and earn a chance to win this month's prize. For more details, click here.

In the meantime, get creative in your selfies. We want to see some really neat and great submissions. Get started taking those selfies, and then send them our way.