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Conservative Philosophy, for this century.

When Conservative principles are spoken of, it is, from a prejudicial perspective. Also, commonly understood to mean a political view.

In reality, a conservative is a person who believes a certain way.

Conservative beliefs are defined by antagonist and empathetic orators and writers, alike. Depending on perspective, ideas are willfully labeled Conservative, favorably or not. Even, when commentary is designed to be non-bias a prejudice exist; no matter how slight, it is significant.

That being said, Conservatives need to understand themselves in a more clear and simple manner. People may possess varying degrees and a mixture of Conservative principles with similarly designed philosophies.

The core of Conservative principles is a belief in the existence of God, the idea of good and evil, and a personal responsibility to work for a better tomorrow. Although, they may seem disconnected and independent of each other, to a Conservative, it may not be so. I am talking about Conservatives, both in the United States and around the world.

In the United States of America, the very founding of our country is understood by many to be based on Conservative principles. In the phrase “...In order to form a more perfect union…”, it can be interpreted to mean a personal responsibility to work for a better tomorrow. Add the history of people emigrating to America, escaping religious persecution, and you may make a case for acknowledging the existence of God. The “idea of good and evil” can be argued, to have built our country most notably in the civil rights movement and in supporters and detractors on citizenship for illegal immigrants.

While, current political discussion makes it difficult to understand what is right and wrong, one thing is true among all Conservatives. All, want to do what is “good”. Despite this, sometimes “the lesser evil” is the only option to do good. Conservatives are pragmatic and realistic but that does not mean they stop working to build a world free of evil and evil acts.

Unfortunately, politics focuses more on the agendas of those arguing their position than respecting Conservative beliefs. Even those who identify themselves as Conservatives or favorable to Conservative beliefs, sometimes become Conservative demagogues; instead of defenders and examples of the virtue of Conservative beliefs. While the century before is marked closely with creating a monolithic and homogeneous Conservative group, this century should be about locality and diversity.

Conservatives in the United States of America, should work in expanding Conservative beliefs throughout the world. To do this, a well defined and simplified core is needed. Also, an organizational structure that focuses on empowering local groups and including a diversity of cultures.

The problems of our country are not exclusive to our country, nor is the support needed to solve them. This is true of all countries and in working together to build solutions, otherwise unattainable independently, we help each other.

I do not support what many dominate Conservative leaders believe, “a bigger umbrella”. To me, that seems like a tree whose branches extend so far they touch the ground. Instead, I support extending the roots. The deeper and wider the root system, the higher and stronger the tree. The branches would eventually extend, as was desired, but be maintained by a stronger support system.

Diversity is good in a group, when it’s focus originates from the same center. By simplifying and clarifying Conservative beliefs, Conservative roots will be discovered in groups previously overlooked. This has been, by in large, because of the influence of zealous Conservative factions with connections to self serving Conservative leaders.

I know who I am, I know what I stand for, and I believe wholeheartedly that it is good.

I am proud to be a Conservative.

John Anthony Lara