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Today I got up, made me a cup of coffee, and then turned on the TV for a short time. All I seen was repetitive reports of Friday's shooting in Newtown Connecticut. They rolled the same photos over and over as they have done since Friday and never reported anything new. No motive. No new evidence. Nothing just new casters speculation as to why and how this happened. I turned off my TV. I prayed for the victims and their families. Then I prayed for another victim Mrs. Lanza a woman who died by the hands of her own son. It saddens me to read and hear all these different stories about her and how she collected guns so her son can kill with them. How she was too private as if she was hiding something. How she was a survivalist radical. I also read where she liked to socialize but did not entertain at home. I don’t do much entertaining in my home as well. She never invited the yard keeper inside when he came over. I don’t invite my yard keeper in my house either. I read she was divorced and that her ex husband paid child support. What that had to do with what happened they left open for people to speculate. I read she gave to those in need and she tried to educate her son because he was special needs. I read how she had a close relationship with her oldest son Ryan and how they had recently went to Florida to see a concert together. Then I read how she was shot in her the head while in bed by her son Adam. I read she died alone in that big house she and her son shared. So I prayed for the survivors including all the families even Adam Lanza's family. I pray for the community of Newtown Connecticut. None of whom I know or will probably ever know. But they are human and share my world with me. So I pray for them all. I want to leave you all with this thought. Anyone can paint a picture of anything. What counts is how you paint that picture. Educate yourself and realize the internet and the TV is not the gospel of the Lord. People twist things and lie to make a sad story more compelling.