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I'm new to this whole "blogging" thing so try to cut me a little slack. I never realized how indecisive I really am until I decided to start a blog and it took me more than a week to choose a name for it. Who knew two words could take so long to come up with?? I have so many different ideas in my head so I'm sure each post will be completely different than the next one or the one before it. A little about me just to see if you're interested in coming back... I live in Tomball, Texas in the home that my husband and I just bought only a few months ago. I am raising my 8 year old step-son and have no experience whatsoever with boys. I grew up with just me, my mom, and my sister. I have 21 first cousins and only 3 of them are boys. Needless to say, I'm a little lost at times. Throughout the course of my postings I'm sure you will find some of what I have to say a little off from what other "parents" in my situation may feel. As you will see, I am learning as I go while working more than a full time job and taking 18 hours at school (and this is my last semester yay!).

So, why did I choose to start a blog? First, I am in a class this semester that involves a lot of writing and we had blogs listed as one of our assignment options. As I always seem to have something to say I thought it could be a good fit for me so here I am. Secondly, I have so many opinions on so many things that maybe this will save my husband from having to listen to all of them constantly. Thirdly, I am looking for ways to improve my writing and every little bit helps!

You may think that my blog name is a little odd so I'll offer up some explanation. In my week long soul search for deciding on a name I went through many song lyrics, old stories I have written, some of my favorite movies and books but nothing seemed to fit. I considered "Stepmonster Chronicles" but did not want to be pigeon holed into only writing about my adventures as a non-biological parent. So, here I am and we'll see how well it works. My absolute favorite band in the world is Incubus. I think Brandon Boyd is not only an incredible singer but he also hides some really deep messages in his songs. I finally landed on "Elegant Aberration" when I remembered a line from "Defiance" where he simply states "Defiance, your elegant aberration". I thought about what it means and often times that is a perfect description of how my thoughts and ideas come across. I do my best to state with as much class and tact as possible but more often than not they are seen as a "deviation from the proper or expected course."

I guess that's enough about why I'm here and how long it took me to decide on a simple name. Not sure if I'm being too analytical or indecisive (hence the title of this post which was also taken from an Incubus song). I will do my best not to use one of their lyrics in every single one of my posts.

Until next time~B.S.