Okay..I know I said I would be posting a lot about the election but oddly enough it is the election that is keeping me from posting. The Democratic National Convention comes to Denver this month and I have been busting my behind to support it through the National Guard, thus making me too busy to write.


Actually, I am too busy to write now but I figured it’s been much too long since my last post. Let me update you to what has been going on.


It is one year to the day I was medically evacuated from Iraq. Since my return I have had to endure thing I never thought I would have to endure.  


I have had to bury my section leader who left behind a 3 year old son and a pregnant wife. As part of my duties I presented her with the flag that draped his coffin and spoke at his memorial. I was well prepared to this in Iraq but not so much here.


I have had some of my soldiers driven out o the Army by ridiculous processes.


I have watched some of my soldiers leave the Army for retirement.


I have watched my soldiers struggle to get back into the swing of life and flourish in doing so.


I have gone to work for the Army full time and struggled with the politics in a job that should be simple.


I have watched some of my soldiers struggle to keep their marriages together. I have watched some of those marriages fail.


I have watched my soldiers struggle with PTSD and slowly recover from it.


I have gone from being happy here to wanting to go back to Iraq because it’s much simpler over there. There is only one full time job to do there, where as there are 2-4 that I am doing as we speak. Don’t get me wrong…I’m staying here until them make me go back.


I have reached a point that I need a vacation. I need time at home with my family and friends. I need time in Las Vegas. Oddly, I have had the urge to buy a sailboat and sail off into the deep blue sea and only return when I have found what I am looking for.


I have the urge to sail to Italy, buy a Tuscan farm near the sea and grow olives and grapes, barley, hops and wheat and make beer, wine and bread.


I have the need to daydream.