You might think that I am referring to someone other than myself. Nope, I am politically clueless.

I truly have no clue about our future presidential candidates. I figure I am even worse than the protesters that are ruining my current home with their “peaceful” protests. Just for the record…throwing feces or urine balloons…is not peaceful. Those items carry disease that can be inflicted on the innocent being hit with it. Also for the record I feel it’s our duty to bring to light injustices so that they are public knowledge and the public has to deal with them but when you march down a crowded highway and throw excrement at me because of what you “believe” is an injustice then you invade my personal space…and I would advise you not to do that.

No, I have not been hit with such things but I have friends who are police officers who may be in the line of fire.

The irony here is that the very people who are protesting are Democrat or will vote Democrat and oddly enough the Democratic Party agrees with you. So now that I have invalidated your entire protest here in Denver…please leave the city as you have made your point to those who care and now you’re just annoying the rest of us who have lives and have to keep working so that the world continues to turn. Just so you don’t feel like you protest was all for not, those of us who are working to change things heard you a long time ago and have been working feverishly to change what’s wrong to what’s right. So I am going to give you two choices…1. Go away, 2. Shut your cake hole and put that energy into actually changing things i.e. paperwork, building corporations with your values etc.

Oops. I sorta went off on an independent, semi-republican, democratic rant. My Bad!

Well, back to being politically clueless. I need help understanding a few things.

Color. Why is Barak Obama’s color and issue? Moreover, why would vote on a president because of the color of their skin? I really have a hard time with anyone who would do that as it shows that you aren’t looking at the bigger picture i.e. running the freak’n country!

Sex. Why is having a woman president such a big issue? Again, if you’re voting on a president because of their sex…go away.

Houses. I am pretty sure Obama knows how many houses he has because he has probably purchased a few. McCain on the other hand married into his wife’s money (from what I hear) so naturally he would have no clue as to the number of houses his WIFE has. Oh wait! How does that matter? I bet Kerry could tell you how many houses his wife has!

Leadership. This I understand. I understand that I have yet to see a Democratic Candidate who understands this as well as McCain does or should (Politically Clueless, remember?). Someone called him out on using the POW Card. Many people don’t know this but that’s a REAL Card as opposed to the Race Card (Obama, Sharpton, Jackson etc.) or the Sex Card (Hillary) as everybody has a race and a sex. My question to any candidate for federal public office is, “What qualifies you to send me to war?” Have you ever marched in my boots?

War. I barely understand this in its modern sense. I knew that Kerry didn’t understand it because soldiers don’t throw the medals of their brothers back at the very house that is responsible for issuing them. I knew Bill didn’t understand it because we would have completed the task of the Iraq war during his presidency. In addition I had military friends that worked in the White House during his tenure and he and Hillary treated them like second class citizens. There is no way I would allow her or him treat my brothers that way again. I know Obama doesn’t understand it because he has never served and until you walk in those boots you can never understand it.  I know McCain understands it because he has a POW Card.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have no clue who I’m voting for as I am not a big fan of McCain or Obama so I may be forced to do what I do every election…vote for the lesser of two evils or write myself in. This two party system is crap. I need more choices, at a minimum just one extra to even it out…or odd it out or however you want to put it.

Shall we recap? Okay then!

Matters: Leadership, experience, validity, values etc.

Doesn’t matter: Candidates houses, Sex, Race etc.

One last note on political cluelessness. Yes, I have proven beyond the shadow of doubt that I am politically clueless but if you are listening to an actor, actress or any other personality involved in entertainment for your political advice…and I mean this with all the love in the world…GO AWAY!