I really hate to be a downer but I really had to post this. I promise the next one will be full of cheer...or at least almost full.

Okay, now I am upset but only because I have to point out the obvious. I was well into this not so wonderful presidential blog while listening to a popular radio show and working on homework that’s due and I have to take a minute out to comment on Gay Marriage.

I know! What a useless topic to spend any oxygen on! I figure if the homosexuals are getting to the point of committing hate crimes against churches, cults though they may be in this case, I should take time to point out how idiotic “Gay Marriage” is.  It’s the least I could do.

Let start from the beginning…

I attempted to look up the definition of marriage in the dictionary and realized that Webster has warped the definition into its modern day meaning most of which states terms such as “legal” and “male and female”. My point here is that today, marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman.

So now that we are on the same page, let’s take our rainbow colored crayon and go back to what marriage was back in the day. I am going to shock you for a moment so please sit down prior to reading this statement. Marriage is a religious institution not a federal right. God’s in every religion failed to publish in their religious books anything about tax breaks or recognition by the heads of state that a couple may be married. Are you shocked or do you just feel silly that you didn’t contribute to the ACLU campaign?  DOH!

Marriage is the ultimate in what should be separated from church and state.  Now I am completely confused about “Gay Rights”. What rights are we talking about? The right to life, which is God given depending on your religion; Liberty which is being taken away by big government practices; or the PURSUIT of happiness, which, as dictated by this election and this new president, Americans don’t want i.e. give me a hand out so I don’t have to pursue it. Maybe we’re talking about other rights. The right to remain silent…are you serious? It turns out that all homosexuals regardless of race, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation or mental capacity already get those.

Oh wait, you want to be free of discrimination, well who doesn’t! Welcome to the club, you are just like everyone else. Oh wait, you want to be married, which is not a right, it is a privilege extended to you by your God and your partner. The only part the federal government plays in it is the tax break and benefits you get. OH! Now I get it…you want benefits. Get a job that offers better benefits and write a legal, living will that includes your partner.  You want the rest of the world to recognize that you are married to someone of the same sex. What if the rest of the world doesn’t care? I think Dan Pisenti from Mill Valley, California said it best in his letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, “ The debate is not about civil right; it is an attempt to obtain total public acceptance through  the pressure of political correctness and ultimately through the force of law.” A little more eloquently than I could have stated. That’s right…no one cares if your gay so stop trying to force your values on the rest of the world.

This is where I have a problem. I live by a published set of values and beliefs. Those fundamental principles that I live by are mine and I will not force them on anyone else, not even if they attempt to force their values on me i.e. Gay Activist. Here is what I suggest to those folks who continually badger the rest of the world about how homosexuals should be able to get married.


I really don’t think that was loud enough. I would try again but I realize that I am typing and not yelling and the folks in this airport would think me strange if I yelled it…again.

Oh darn, you stopped listening and started yelling at me and snapping your figure in the air again because you don’t like what I have to say. Real mature I might add. If you want to get married, take it up with your God not your state and find a real cause to fight for like failing education, energy or gang violence and graffiti removal. Do something constructive for the community and stop thinking only of yourself.

As for the benefits you get from taxes etc. I am all for evening them out and giving each individual American the same benefits across the board regardless of being married.  Seriously, where is that Equal Opportunity everyone keeps preaching? Think of the money that could be redistributed under the new president! DOH!

I have to throw a caveat in here. I am not homosexual so I really have no idea about the struggles of the typical homosexual in today’s society so I at least expect to get some comment in response to his blog stating so. Before you make that comment though, take a moment, gather your thoughts and really let me have it!  I mean really smack me with some logic.

UPDATE 1:  “No Gays for a day”

Alright…I’m done. This takes the cake.

“No Gays for a Day will demonstrate what it would be like if -- as so much of the non-coastal U.S. seems to desire -- gays just disappeared. You may not even know who all your daily gays are, so there's no predicting the impact. It probably won't shut down the restaurant industry like the immigrants did, but know this for certain: Dec. 5 will be a day that fashion does not move forward.”

The actual date has been changed to 10 Dec. Finally, a day of peace and quiet so that the rest of the world can concentrate on something more important.

UPDATE 2: So did it happen? Anyone? Didn’t even notice..oh wait, it did seem a little quieter.