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Take a read of the following article from the Aspen Times
I was unaware that I had a personal stereotype but I think this is pretty dang close. The article seems to be a little against Hillary Clinton. I’m good with that, but then I’m not a fan of Obama and I am not that much of a fan of McCain.
I would like to take a moment and shed a slight shadow on the Clinton Regime. I have a friend who served on the Clinton White House Explosive Ordnance Disposal team. That team’s function is to go through were ever the president is going to be and find or execute any explosive device in the area. Let me elaborate on the gravity of this job. The purpose is to protect the president and in doing so die for the president. They open every door, sit in every chair, open every drawer, and function every switch in the hope that they will execute any explosive device that may harm the president or his staff.
If you had a team of people who were constantly on the lookout for you, putting their lives on the line everyday would you ask them to hide so they wouldn’t have to see you on a daily basis? Would you treat them like second class citizens? According to my friend this is how the Clinton’s treated this team of soldiers.
I would like to urge you to vote but if you are going to vote, do your research and don’t believe all the crap that is flung at you from these debates and the press. I have said it in many other blogs and I will stress it again do not believe everything you hear in the press.
A few more bits of wisdom:
1. Don’t vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. A “leader” who treats their troops like she and her husband did doesn’t deserve the protection they provide but they will receive it and without hesitation because that’s what soldiers do. To me that’s abuse of power. If she does it to the people responsible for her life; what makes you think she won’t do it to the people she is supposed to be “leading”.
2. Don’t vote for Obama just because he’s black. Do your research! I would make more comments on Obama but I think I will just vote “Present”.
3. Who cares what race, sex, religion, or sexual preference the candidate is? What you should care about is their previous profession. Were they a lawyer? Were they a business person? Were they an engineer? Were they a career politician? Where are their roots? That will tell you much more about your candidate than the typical equal opportunity fascia.
Stay tuned! I am currently working on the first big issue I plan to tackle; abortion. Feel free to provide any pre-blog comments on abortion or this current blog.