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Okay, here we go.
I can’t say that I’ll be making a lot of friends with this one. I have been so disheartened with the current election choices. Once again I will be voting for the lesser of 2 evils. With that in mind I figure it’s time to begin my jog towards life as a public servant. I haven’t made a decision on what to run for just yet. My ultimate goal would be the Senate or the Presidency. Seeing as it would be a great discredit to those I would be serving to go straight for the top I think I will flex my learning muscle in the City Counsel or on the School Board. Maybe even both. Both would probably give me a better insight as to what is going on in lower level politics, then maybe a run for the State Senate and finally on to the Big Show.
I think the first place to start would be to choose a party to be affiliated with. Yeah….about that. One of the things I am seriously tired of is these two parties who seem to go at each other much too aggressively. What I mean by that is they seem more driven to thwart each other or the current president rather than doing what’s right for the people. I have heard stories about senators/congressmen voting against great ideas just because they were proposed by a different party. I can only imagine the type of childish rivalry that takes place at the people’s expense. The people, those folks that are supposed to be represented accurately and fairly, end up suffering because these two parties have forgotten who they serve.
So what party should I choose to affiliate myself with? I guess a little research is in order. What do these two parties stand for? Are they based on a set of Values? What makes you a republican? Is it the way you vote? I think everyone has their stereotype images of both parties to include myself. Typically I vote more Republican than Democrat but I think that has allot to do with my personal stereotypes regarding the two parties. For now let’s call me Independent.
The next step is to decide what kind of politician I want to be. HOLD UP! I am NOT a politician. I am a leader. I refuse to be lumped in with men who pretend to be moral and the lie to the people they represent. I am not the type of man who shirks his responsibility when he screws up. I’ll get into that later. The bottom line is I am not a politician.
So I have established that I am an Independent Leader. Kind of sounds like I want to take over the world. That could not be further from the truth. Don’t let the independent leader title fool you all it means is that I am not the same as a politician. I’m sure you will get my jest as this series of blogs continues. Over the next few months I will make an attempt to tackle the issues as the candidates have and you can be the judge of whether I stand up to the test or not. Feel free to let me know where I need improvement. Something I won’t put up with is just saying I “suck”. I f you think I suck then say why AND offer a solution on how to fix it, otherwise shut your pie hole, respectfully of course.
If you have any suggestions on which issue I should tackle first let me know!
Stay tuned! I’ll be right back after a brief word from the sponsors I don’t have!