• As a vet from another war unpopular by the civilian population, I see history repeating itself. It appears to me that the civilian population opposes the current combat operations based upon political rhetoric more than anything else. Looking at the grand scheme of things and the entire population of America, very few citizens even are affected by military combat operations. Very few families even have a distant relative serving in combat. They can not relate to the sacrifices of our military service personnel and their families. I contend the only time, they even think about the combat operations, are when it appears in the news. So why are they against victory? Because maybe it the popular position.
    One of the first things a person learns when attending war college is that to win a war, your goal is not to destroy all the enemy, but to destroy their will to fight. The politicians and the general population of this country have lost the will to fight. I content we have already lost.

    April 22, 2009 at 10:42 p.m.