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I had the opportunity to spend time with a good friend on Wednesday afternoon. He and I decided to check out the movie “AVATAR”. If you haven’t seen the movie please do not read this any further. I’m not going to give away much but I am going to bash James Cameron and Hollywood pretty hard and in the process might ruin it for you so please go see the movie prior to reading this.

Let me start with the positives of this movie. The art, scenery and cinematography are nothing short of amazing! The creatures and majority of the characters are like nothing I’ve seen in a movie before minus the dog like creature that was also present in “Hell Boy” but I can certainly over look that seeing as in this movie the dog had a slightly different personality. Brilliant colors and sounds fill the screen nearly every minute. Machines that need to be invented are prevalent throughout. All in all, so original and so creative that this movie is a must see for the details alone.

Now on to the negative….

I would like to thank James Cameron for attempting to instill all his political opinions into a movie that should have been left alone. When I go to the movies I want to be entertained and I want to forget about the real world for a little while. Hollywood’s job is to entertain, that’s it. The movie started out great except for the fact that it’s told from the stand point of a Marine who lost the use of his legs in some war and his brother gets shot by some criminal and he is invited to take his place. Sound familiar? It might.

Like so many other Iraq documentaries or war movies the Marine is exactly the same in each one as is most of the military representation in this movie. The Colonel, the chief military architect in this movie, is “that guy” i.e. kill them all and who cares if they get sorted out. The Marine eventually sees the error of his ways and becomes a tree hugging hippy, the right choice in this case, and is suddenly the hero of the movie. The movie just wouldn’t be complete without, the not so subtle pokes at George Busch, and his administration. James Cameron, you’re fired. Take your rich, liberal behind off the movie lot. You’re fired because you’re not doing your job. I go to the movies to forget about life, and to forget about Democrats running the American people into the ground and to forget in general. Dance Monkey! ENTERTAIN ME! You failed! You failed worse than that Titanic crap! I would like to say that people may not be able to pick that out of the movie but it literally looks like Iraq War coverage with blue people instead of Iraqis. Way to take the easy way out, fruit loop.

Everything from global warming to each of the wars we are fighting right now is covered by the liberal director every chance he gets. I found myself very into the movie then promptly interrupted by his opinion and totally thrown off, repeatedly.

Let’s take Hollywood into perspective. If you are even considering borrowing your own political opinion from Hollywood please DO NOT VOTE! If you listen to an Actor, you are predominantly listening to someone who has a degree in acting. They have studied how to lie and make you believe it. They are loaded with cash and don’t remember what it is or was to be a hard working poor American but we relate to them through their characters, which are lies. So next time an actor tells you what your government is doing think about this, they are being told what to tell you by someone else, someone behind the scenes. That’s what they get paid to do. Please don’t be a sheep, find the information yourself, check the sources and make a decision on your own.

As for the movie; go see it. The scenery alone is worth the price of admission. You will leave exhausted and that is what movies are supposed to do to you. You may not even realize that you have been in the theatre for 3 hours or have begun your liberal brainwashing.

Sorry about the negativity but Hollywood needs to stick to entertainment not political commentary.