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Sleeping in, a simple breakfast and good conversation with my uncle on government structure and process to include healthcare, a TV that’s too loud because Granny can’t hear it and the anticipation of having Sushi with my brother.

A Christmas only I could love. They have never been the same for me since growing up.

Waking up early, rushing to the tree, salivating at the massive amount of gifts, the smell of a younger granny making Christmas dinner and the anticipation of unwrapping those gifts and getting down to the business of the day, PLAYING!

Quite a different perspective between 10 and 35. Not big on the gift getting or giving anymore. I usually buy what people need not what they want. Seems more logical to help out rather than entertain, but then Christmas’s at my house have always been that way; socks and underwear, school clothes etc.

I was planning on getting down to Port O’ Connor today to see some of the family but I’m really not feeling it plus having a pretty good time just sitting here with my brother who is confined to the Warm Springs Rehab center. Yes, I have seen that guy from TV and the Advocate whose Girlfriend is here. I know you were dieing to ask. Actually, I went for a walk around the facility and noticed their wall of fame and it turns out that I know a few folks on that wall and very proud to see that they have completed their rehab and moved on. It made me smile to know that such good things are happening here.

I still think I am going to call it a day and remain in Victoria with the little brother for the afternoon. Don’t much feel like driving.

Merry Christmas.