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Yes, I’m still here. Much to the liberal’s dismay, not that I really get on any liberals nerves, it’s just my way of poking the bear since I haven’t really had the desire to debate as of late. Take a look below and skip to the stuff you prefer but I would like to recommend at least reading "My new driection" below.


I’m not going to make a list of things I’m thankful for. That list would be much too large as I am truly a blessed man. I will comment on the most significant item I am thankful for though; my brother. Some of you may remember him as one half of the inappropriately titled and infamous “Munsch Boys” of Port O’Connor, Texas. Some of you may have heard that he was in a motorcycle accident earlier this year. What’s important about all of this is that he is making his way back on the long road to recovery after that nasty accident. This single thing is what I am most thankful for; the fact that I still have my brother on this planet and I can still enjoy his presence. I am sure you can imagine my frustration that I cannot make it home to see him until Christmas. The Army and life has a way of preventing true happiness.


Remember that comment on the “Army and life”…sigh. It’s that time again time to head back to the “sand box”. That sigh earlier was not so much a sigh of frustration as it was a sigh that I feel like I have missed something or that I just got home from the last trip. The reality is that it’s been almost three years and I am ready to head back. Head back to a place where things are much simpler. With any amount of luck you will look for me in Texas around May. The good news is that I stand a very good chance for taking this Air Ambulance Company to war as the commander, something I am eager and very proud to do. Keep my Soldier’s in your prayers and wish us luck.

The reason for a new direction

Some time ago I made the declaration that I was going to do more politically charged blogs. I have to apologize that I have literally only posted only one since that declaration. In all honesty I have been worn down by the 2% of the nation that thinks that their way is right and yells and stomps and gets their way without any real logic or common sense. I have become that, formerly angry white male (previous blog), that is too tired to fight, broken down by the increase in intelligence and decrease of common sense in today’s soon to be not so free market knowledge arena to the point of moving on. Care to join me? “Let’s role”. Wait! One more poke at the bear, for old time sake:

An organization that provides too much for the people it supports breeds a people that are dependent on its rulers for everything. When any organization realizes that it can vote itself benefits at the expense of its employees and does so, it fails. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men," from Lord Acton in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887. Like a sharpened tooth brush piercing the side of an inmate, so are the lessons learned we fail to heed to.

My new direction

I’d like to help spread truth about history. I started reading the book An Underground Education written by Richard Zacks. This is a wonderful compilation of historical truths on everything from art through science back to sex. While I’m reading this work I’ll share the best parts with you.

We call them fairy tales and as far as the modern world knows they are cute little parables popularized by Walt Disney that are supposed to entertain children. We also know that today’s children are more childish than they were when these folk stories were written. Earlier versions of these tales were far more adult than the watered down yet beautifully entertaining versions Mr. Disney has blessed us with.

Sleeping Beauty (1636, Italy)

Did you know that Sleeping Beauty’s name is Talia? According to the 1636 version Talia is befallen by a flax chip under her fingernail and drops down dead. Her father, a great Lord, places her in a throne under a canopy of lace, locks up the house and moves out never to return. She sleeps for quite some time until a King, hunting in the woods the mansion is located, stumbles onto the house looking for his prized falcon. He breaks in and notices the beautiful maiden in the chair and attempts to wake her up. He can’t wake her up but she’s hot (for a supposed dead chic?) so he carries her to the bed chamber and “harvested the fruits of love”, which is another way of saying “molesting the hot dead girl”. Nine months later Talia gives birth to twins, one boy, one girl, while still asleep.

At some point, one of the youngsters misses her nipple in an attempt to feed, gets the injured finger and sucks out the flax chip waking Talia from her long and eventful slumber. The King shows up again on a hunt in the same area and discovers his handy work. He immediately does the right thing and sends for Talia and the children to live with him failing to mention to her that he is married. His wife becomes suspicious and finds out who the Talia is that he continually mumbles about in his sleep. The Queen is rightfully pissed so she secretly orders the children cooked up in pies and served to the King all the while telling the King that he is eating his own. Naturally the King has no clue to what’s taking place, something you might expect from a guy who sleeps with dead girls. The Queen decided that her first attempt at revenge is pretty ineffective and has Talia brought to her with the intent of burning her alive. Talia, being the smart, beautiful, not so lifeless hottie she used to be, convinces the Queen to allow her to strip down naked. With each article of clothing that she strips off, she lets out a blood curdling scream. Once she is naked the Queen’s men begin to drag Talia towards the fire just as the King enters and inquires of his children and the current happenings. The Queen informs her clueless but powerful husband of his cannibalism and her attempt to murder Talia. The King then has the Queen tossed into the fire along with her accomplice. The cook, previously ordered to bake the children confesses that the pies were made of Lamb and not children. The whole group lived happily ever after, Talia, the King, the children and the now wealthy cook.

The original moral, “Good things happen to lucky people, even when they are sleeping.” Thank God for Walt Disney! What the heck kind of moral is that anyway? What’s the lesson here? Too much flax can cause medical problems? Sleeping in castles in the woods will get you molested by kings? Oddly enough these fairly tales are prevalent and similar in nearly every culture as are certain biblical stories. One has to wonder why these lessons are found in so many cultures and what their original purpose was. It’s obvious that their meaning has been lost.

I’ll leave it up to you; Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella or Noah’s Ark. Post a reply and let me know.

Zacks, R. (1997). An Underground education:. New York: Doubleday. (Zacks, 1997)