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It has been way too long since my last post. I must apologize for jumping around and leaving you unattended but I am sure you will understand once I explain. For the last year there have been rumors of another deployment on the wind and before I knew it those rumors came true. In less than 6 months I was handed 2 MEDEVAC detachments and a smattering of other companies and was told to combine them into one MEDEVAC detachment plus, train them in the ways of the infantry, combine them with a state you have never worked with under similar circumstances and take them to Iraq. In less than six months I stood up the G Company Galleons and we are very close to departing the states for our theatre. We have returned to a familiar place to a few of us, Fort Hood Texas. Yes, right during the trial of “he whom shall not be named”. Before you even ask, I know nothing; I have been engrossed at North Fort Hood training my Soldiers. Besides, I only have an opinion and no facts. “The Great Place” as it is known hasn’t changed much. It wasn’t great then, it isn’t great now but I must say I am seeing it in a different light this round and I am much more pleased with the process of mobilizing now. Very fast and very efficient minus a few of the oddities of Fort Hood and at least 1000 times better than the previous deployment through here. So what have we been up to? “Training! Sir!” What kind of training? “ARRRRRRRMY Training, Sir!” You have to love that movie. Don’t pretend not to know one of the greatest Bill Murray movies ever. Actually we are sort of done with all the “Army Training” and now we are into the more complex task of MEDEVAC training. Much more exciting and slightly more dangerous but extremely rewarding! In all honesty we are even about done with that. All in all this is going to be a very good deployment. I have great Soldiers and a great mission. I am hoping to write more but I also must tell you that I am probably going get busy again here in a few weeks or so. In other news… Seriously, is there any other news? The stuff CNN and FOX are putting out is …well… par for the course. Be back soon!