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Good day all! Its that time of year again. Fall has rolled into Colorado like odd but beautiful duck waddling about through a busy intersection. No Idea what that really means but I like the imagery.

Started cleaning out the garage a few weeks ago in order to do a little remodeling. I did’t realize that I hadn’t actually moved in from the last deployment. Needless to say I found a box of old memories this evening and decided to go through them an either keep or dispose of them depending on their perceived importance. Thats sounds cold but I found a ton of stuff and there is just no where to put it.

I learned that I am literally the worst RSVP’er in history. I found so many wedding invitations that I had not responded to that I begin to feel very bad. Some weddings I attended like Luke and Kelly’s which I had the honor of being a Saber bearer at. My cousin’s tropical wedding in Cancun, which I waded in waist deep water just to get to the chapel (quite possibly the greatest wedding I have ever attended, although she begged to differ at the time). Pictures from Kevin and Kristi’s and Matt and Janice’s weddings, both in Prescott, AZ and both wonderful! Plus several more, none of which I officially responded to via RSVP. I would like to officially apologize for not RSVP’ing to all the weddings I was or was not able to attend and give thanks to those who invited me.

I found several well written letter’s from the ex-wife; very articulate, very sweet but from another time. Found a bunch of ROTC Army stuff and college musings.

College musings...hmmm. When I attended Embry-Riddle there was a publication that was printed called the Black Box. Really just an outlet for creative writers to show their stuff. I have two issues, one of which I actually published a very small thank you letter in. Since this is the season for giving thanks I figured I would re-write and republish that letter.

Thanks for the Bed, from a Super Hero.

When I was a child, Christmas and Birthdays were very hard on my immediate family. Sometimes those holidays came at odd times during the year whenever money was available. Birthdays were early or Christmas late. The Gifts I received weren’t the normal toys or fun things other children got, minus the gifts from my Uncle Steve, who was the Christmas hero to my brother and me. So when I went to the playground to play I would get asked, “What did you get for Christmas?” To which my reply would be either “nothing” or “underwear” or “socks” or “a new bed” if that’s what the case was.

As I rushed home from an already incredible day to homework and grab a quick bite before heading out to wash the UPS trucks in a long night of relentless work, I couldn’t help but feel already worn out. I was home for a good half-hour trying to cook and study at the same time which is really never a good idea. You either don’t retain what you are attempting to learn or you burn the place down. I remember looking at by bedroom door, which was closed just as I had left it that morning, and this overwhelming feeling came over me. I needed to walk through that door. So I did.

As I pushed through it’s hollow frame I looked up to see a six foot “bar of gold” lying in the corner where my sleeping bags and foam pads that I had collected since the start of the semester once laid as my bed. I made sure to double check what apartment I was in, stepping outside briefly just to be sure. Upon closer examination I noticed three small notes lying on my new “bar of gold.” Choking back tears, as only a Super Hero can, I sat and read.

The notes, random wishes from a group of people that mean so much to me, tugged at my heartstrings that had long since been dormant. In that moment I realized that every childhood gift of necessity that I had taken for granted took on a whole new meaning. Suddenly everything made sense.

I may joke about being a “Super Hero” from time to time but the truth is I am nothing without my sidekicks. I could never express in words how I felt the day I got home and found my new bed. Thank you so much for making my 26th birthday the absolute best. I will never forget how a small group of friends can justify one man’s childhood and make his life make so much sense.

I love you all very much.

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul to take If I should pass and they should weep I pray the Lord my friends to keep and on that reckoning silent night I pray the Lord my friends unite.

Its been eleven years since I wrote that. Most of that group of friends I still keep in touch with. Most of them are married and have a few children or are just now getting engaged or in my case divorced etc. Life may get in the way from time to time, so during this holiday season I chose to remember that group of friends that I am, to this very day, so thankful for.

A most sincere thanks to all those whom have inspired me to become what I am today. To my family and friends regardless of how far apart we may be, you are in my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving! -Bryan