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Article on the overturn of the ban on Gay Marriage

Okay California... I get it. You're concerned about freedoms....NOT!

Had to dig on Cali but I am perplexed and could use your opinion on a few matters for an eventual blog.

  1. Should the Federal/State Government be able to tell you who you can and cannot Marry?

  2. What are the "rights" that are protected by the US Constitution?

  3. Is Marriage a religious institution or is it a right?

Careful, this is a loaded question and should not be handled by those who have not had the appropriate training in handling a loaded question. Questions don't kill people, people who give answers....they don't either but I am sure you get the idea. Plus, that joke was really starting to drag on....

Holy cow! did you see that? I tied, Gay marriage, religious rights, constitutional rights and gun control up in one question! Totally un-intentional but that is the beauty of sarcasm. Not really a loaded question, I really want your opinion on this.

  1. What are "Gay Rights?

I was asked, while walking the 16th Street Mall here in Denver, if I supported Gay Rights. I really wanted to debate this but instead I said, "Not Really" with a very puzzled look on my face and kept walking. I was actually in a hurry and on a mission of sorts or I would have had the discussion. Just really wanted to get to where I was going. Then I got to thinking about it. So I looked it up...and found nothing. No site that could tell me what Rights are being violated. So I would like to know, what rights are being violated. Just want to understand so when I am accosted again I can give an educated response and not sound like "that guy".

I know this sounds a little sarcastic but I would really like my home town's opinion on this. I trust and value your opinion, part of the reason I have a blog in the advocate and not the Denver Post.

Help me understand, educate me.

Thanks! Pythagoras: A^2 + B^2 = C^2