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Christmas was good. Very good. I’m happy with everything I got. I got a Justin Bieber doll with a microphone, and a guitar, and he sings to me, and I sleep with him. Nobody knows that though. For New Year’s, dad’s girlfriend, him and Tanner are going out to eat. Then we’re going to come back, hang out, watch movies and chill, and, if it’s okay, then we’ll go out in the country and pop fireworks. I think the thing I really look forward to at New Year’s is popping fireworks even though it’s dangerous. Like fireworks like those little duckies and the bottle rockets that explode. Next year, my grades need to become higher so I can get money from my other grandparents. I have a ‘C’ in math, a 74. That’s low. That’s not good. I don’t think I’ll get money if I have a ‘C.’

  • Bailey Fox