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Resting between Christmas and New Year’s is essential for a good New Year’s Eve outing. As I’ve gotten older, I find it harder and harder to stay up until midnight until New Year’s. I’m fighting a cold that usually Santa Claus gets after Christmas, but with plenty of rest - should make it to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Plans are just going out to eat, and maybe going to the movies, and maybe coming back here. The most memorable New Year’s Eve was when we found out we were pregnant with Tanner. I don’t know if it was between Christmas and New Year’s, but I know it was right before New Year’s. Nancy, my wife, just left one of those pee sticks right there on the kitchen counter for me to find right next to my lunchbox. My new year’s resolution is working on better communication with my kids. Working on giving them the floor to express themselves without interrupting them. I know I don’t do enough of it, and communication is the backbone of good parenting. If they know they can express themselves to you there’s not a whole lot of asking you need to do. I hope everybody has a happy New Year.

  • Craig Fox