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Hello, Everyone!! Long time no blog, huh? Well, I have lots to report on the Fox adventure!! First of all I have to say congratulations to ALL of Craig's family for not spilling the beans about his surprise birthday party!! We celebrated Craig's 43rd birthday at his home on Saturday. I think he was pretty shocked! It's a little difficult to plan a surprise for him, but we did it! What a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone who shared in the festivities!!

So much has happened since my last blog! Craig was recovering well from his "battle pneumonia", regaining some strength and trying hard to kick ALS's butt. We did manage to get out and attempt a movie date, but karma had plans of it's was a fail. (big sad face!!!) First of all, Tanner had drive us there because I have not yet mastered the art of controlling the power wheelchair. Craig has to be driven into the new van and buckled in which I've only helped with. I'm not brave enough to attempt this on my own. Well, we got to the movie theater and made it into the building without running anyone down, but when it came to getting in the door of the actual theater...let's just say it was a huge disaster and Craig is lucky his right arm is still attached to his body. (bigger sad face!!!)

I managed to pin an innocent woman who was trying to help us up against the wall with Craig's power chair and then get his arm stuck between the armrest of the chair and the push bar that opens the door. He was definitely stuck and in major pain. All he could do was holler at me and I couldn't move the chair anywhere because it was jammed in the doorway. It was quite a scene. I'm sure everyone who witnessed this thought I was trying to torture him. Needless to say, he just wanted to leave the building after I finally freed him from the torture. I'm still apologizing for that one. I'm so sorry, Craig!!!

The next time I convinced him to go out to a movie, he said he would only go if Tanner went with us. I guess he thinks he needs a bodyguard to go out on a date with me now. LOL!! We got to the theater and the movie was sold out. Can you believe that??? Are the movie date Gods against us or what??? PLEASE...send some good karma our way...maybe the third time's a charm. We'll see.

Craig finally got his computer (we call it Tobii) installed for his use. He is now able to access the internet, email, control his TV, operate his telephone and many other things with his eyes. It's somehow operated using his retina. I'll let him explain it all...I'm sure he'll be blogging soon enough!! I call the computer his girlfriend, because he totally ignores me when he's on Facebook or playing internet backgammon. Yes, I feel somewhat neglected...LOL!!

The kids made it through another year of school without giving Craig gray hair. Summer is here and Craig somehow developed another lung infection. He went to see his family doctor a week ago and opted to stay out of the hospital by taking antibiotic shots everyday for a week. The infection has cleared up substantially, but ALS has decided to rob the strength he has left in his legs. He is now moved around his room using a hydraulic lift. Another hurdle for Team Fox "C" to overcome. It's been a pretty rough few weeks, but Craig maintains his sanity and good humor through it all. Now, I'm not so sure how the rest of the "team" is taking all of this. I just know that life goes day at a time. Hang in there, Foxes!! Your strength amazes me!!

The surprise party seemed to lift his spirits quite a bit. I know all of these changes with his body must be hard on him and his family. Remember, I'm usually only there on the weekends, so I just have a glimpse of what goes on everyday. Please keep this amazing family in your prayers. They deserve a miracle so much!! Maybe we'll see some of the party action in the Advocate soon. If not, I'll post some pics here for everyone's entertainment. Thanks for reading!! Blog you later...

Love, Alisa

p.s. Happy Birthday, Craig! I love you!! I'm sure you'll be reading this tonight on your fancy computer!!