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Eating six meals a day is a lot harder than expected. I never had any trouble eating, but taking three Boosts a day I feel bloated all the time. I haven’t weighted myself, but at clinic I bet I’ve gained more weight than I’ve lost, and if this is true I hope they take at least one Boost away.

Getting in and out of chairs has become very difficult when it comes to my lift-recliner and the toilet amongst other things, but finally all I have to do is let my aunt know about problems that I’m having, and she’s going to get on the Internet and research it and lo and behold she found a toilet seat lifter device made up in South Carolina. This gentleman was taking his grandmother down to Florida to see friends and stopped at a Cracker Barrel and noticed granny wasn’t coming out of the bathroom. Finally, someone confronted him and said she was having difficulty getting off of the toilet. Upon researching he found there was no device to help granny off the toilet. So, he said, “Good heavens, we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t get granny off the toilet.” So he came up with a device that not only gets you up but gets you out. It basically puts you in a standing position. Of course, this is quite expensive, but what kind of price do you put on a device getting you off the toilet?

The hospital bed was not quite queen size, but it is at least four-feet wide. The air mattress you can only get once you get bed sores. So, Medicare will pay for an air mattress only after the sores are there. It will not pay for an air mattress once the sores are gone. It’s roughly $1,500 a month to rent. I’d be broke right now if I had to pay that.

It’s the day before the walk, so I’m talking straight to you blog, readers: Strap on your tennis shoes and walk for a friend. It’s only a three-mile track, but after registering you get a fat juicy hamburger and chips, so, any calories that you may burn in walking, don’t worry you’ll probably get them back. Everybody’s welcome to walk with team Fox “C.” 10:30 a.m. at Riverside Stadium.

Also, some good news, we had a chicken spaghetti luncheon at Testengeer, my old employer, with a silent auction of homemade dessert goodies to specialty dips and of course Pastor Bill’s crosses and DVD sales. We managed to raise a little over $1,000. There’s still love at the workplace.

Kids are looking forward to spring break, so, plans are going to go down to Corpus for a couple of days and then a couple of days in Houston. Of course they don’t care what we do as long as we do something. We’ll do two days in Corpus and two days in Houston where we’ll go to the Houston Rockets basketball game. I acquired four tickets from a special someone that you’ll read about tomorrow in the Advocate. She’s been a real blessing in my life and my kids.

Monday, March 7, we will be having our support group, and I invite everybody who wants to learn more about the research of the disease. We’re going to have the ALS TDI guest speaker, 6:30 p.m. at the DeTar education building.

I’ll have an update on my next blog of how we did at the walk, and I go back to clinic on April Fools Day.

Looking forward to that adventure.

Craig Fox