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Greetings, Prayer Warriors!!

About 30 minutes after I posted my last blog, I got a phone call from Craig's Aunt Donna letting me know that everything is looking MUCH better today!! Craig's lung is clearing without the invasive treatment they had planned today. The breathing treatments, vibration vest and pounding on his back are working. He has an appetite and he now has a recliner in his room that they have him sitting in.

I just talked to him on the phone and he is in good spirits, but he's exhausted. He said, "I wish they would just leave me alone already!!" I told him to hurry up and get well so he could come back home. His voice is raspy and weak, but he's still joking and positive. He sends his love and appreciation to everyone for all the caring and concern.

Prayer is so powerful! Thanks to everyone for the prayers and thanks to God for his good grace! Keep up the great work!!

Love, Alisa