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Hello, Everyone.

I wish I had better news, but Craig has had a setback in the last couple of days. While in the ICU unit, he has developed full pneumonia in one lung. It had started to clear, but due to his inactivity and weakness, it returned. He is now on the 10th Floor – Jones Tower at Methodist Hospital. This floor is equipped for ALS patients and the staff is prepared to handle his every need. Craig is now in the care of the doctors and nurses he visits when he attends ALS clinic every 3 months.

I spoke to him on the phone yesterday before his setback and he seemed positive and in better spirits. He is now undergoing an aggressive treatment to try and clear his lung of the fluid. This is extremely uncomfortable and a bit painful. From what his mother told me, he’s been wearing a vest that vibrates to help break up the mucus. He’s had his back pounded on a lot and has had a drainage tube inserted through his nose to help clear the fluid from his lung. He will have to learn new techniques for coughing and clearing his throat.

On a positive note, Craig’s appetite is starting to come back and he is encouraged to eat whatever he can to gain his strength back. His bed on the 10th floor is better equipped for his needs, so he will have an easier time sitting. Hopefully it is more comfortable too.

He is in the care of excellent people and I feel confident that he will start to improve and get back to where he was before this whole incident. I hope I can talk to him today, but I know he is exhausted and needs to save all of his energy for his therapy. Nonetheless, I will receive updates from his parents who are hanging in there with him and pass them along to everyone.

Thanks to everyone for all of the care and concern. Please continue the prayers. Craig is such an inspiration to me as well as everyone he encounters. I know he is fighting his hardest to get well. Go, Team Fox "C"!!!

Love, Alisa