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After 11 days in the hospital, Craig is finally home again...hooray!!! The trip home from Houston was definitely a long one, but Craig, Peggy and WJ told me they were so glad to be back. I'm sure Aunt Donna and Uncle Ed were just as happy. They are the unsung heroes in this situation as they have been staying in Victoria, caring for Tanner and Bailey while their dad and grandparents were away.

Craig is quite exhausted and I'm sure it will take him a few days to catch up on some sleep. I stopped by to visit him after work and although he was happy to see me, I could tell how tired he was.

His strength seems to be returning slowly, and his breathing sounds a lot better. It looks like it will be business as usual at Casa Fox again. I know Craig's recovery was a result of all the prayers and well wishes from everyone. What a blessing!!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! Blog you later!!

Love, Alisa