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Mike HuckabeeI was wondering what former governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was up to these days. It's no secret he has a show on Fox, but the candidate turned commentator is busy with much more.

In an interview with World Magazine Editor Marvin Olasky, Huckabee said he has hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles left over from his travels speaking in states across the nation, even after using them to purchase a trip to Ireland and some electronics. To which I say, "Hey, Huck. You may buy me as many tickets to far away locations as you'd like with those miles."

Huckabee is doing a lot more than appearing on Fox and Friends in the morning. The former governor also records three ABC radio pieces each week, lugging around enough equipment to turn whatever hotel room he's staying in into a studio, and speaks at meetings in different states almost daily in addition to taping his show.

The story follows a day in Huckabee's life.

So, in short, that's what Huckabee is doing.

(*photo credit: James Allen Walker for World Magazine)