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If Senator Obama is elected President, and if the Democrat Party gets a super majority in both branches of Congress, a President Obama will choose the next two members of the Supreme Court.   The Supreme Court will become a majority Democrat liberal court. Will the United States no longer have a balance of power except in name only?
I have often contended that there was a fourth balance. The right of citizens to bear arms, is the fourth balance of power. No country has ever had genocide, when citizens had access to firearms. Senator Obama has been clear about his positions on gun control; and Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid support them.
What does a super majority Congress mean?   It means there are enough votes by a single party in the branches of Congress to override any Presidential veto and prevent a filibuster in the Senate by the minority party.
In our past history most Americans have been critical of governments that had only a single party in power. We said that citizens lost their freedoms and did not have a true voice in laws of the land.  We often turn our nose down on countries with only a single party in pwoer, calling them false democratic countries (Russia for example).  A single party government can tax and change laws to ensure their continued power over the citizens.  They can restrict  membership to the party and form a elite class of citizens for the party membership.  
With the election of a single party into a central government, one wonders if any party will ever be able to gain control of even a single branch of the government again.   The party will have absolute power never seen before in the United States. Will citizens control the government? Or will the United States have voted CHANGE.