Within weeks of taking office President Elect Obama will need to submit his budget for the military to Congress.   I wonder how much work he personally will put into it.  Will he delay submitting the budget? He will have the requested budgets from each branch of the military service (actually the Marine Corps budget will be under the Navy as it has always been).  Will he have numerous appointed staff members review the purposed budgets, make changes, write opposing concepts and defend their position,  or will he just accept his staff final draft? And will the staff be directed by him to seek at major cuts?  At what level will the cuts be?  In what areas of operations will the cuts occur?  Will current new military systems still in development be cut?   We have already heard from Congressman Franks; he has called for a 25% cut in the military budget. 

What is your best guess at where the cuts will occur, how will they affect current military operations, ability to retain career personal, ability of military contractors to not have lay-offs, ability of military to rapidly respond to any new threats?

One thing is for sure, many countries including Russia will be watching the message sent by the new Presidential budget proposal.