Blogs » A Constitutionalist & Believer in Natural Law » Can We Get On the Bail Out List?


Many of the cities and counties in the Gulf Coast area are in need of money and economic development. Why not ask for money for Edna, Galveston, Port Lavaca, Victoria, Yoakum, and others.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi has instructed Congressman Frank to develop a plan to bail out GM, Chrysler, and Ford. Oh, almost forgot, how stupid of me, the bail out should include parts suppliers of the Big Three and dealerships.


Let us look at the list people that are trying to get into the Federal Piggy Bank. American Express, Chicago, California, Denver, General Electric/NBC, Jersey City, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York City, New York Times, Philadelphia, The Walt Disney Company/ABC, and etc.


We need to be aggressive in trying to get as close to the head of the line as possible, someone may start asking questions on just how many companies, states, and cities can be covered in the 740 Billion Bill. My guess is that is will be like most government expenditures and end up being 2-3 times the amount originally authorized.