A group of businessmen want Texas to allow legalized gambling on Galveston Island as a way to recover from Ike. Of course they do the old sang and dance routine; it will create jobs and revenue for Texas and Galveston.
Personally I oppose this proposal for legalized gambling as much as other proposals I have seen.   Same economically depressed counties and cities are never considered when determining the location of casinos or gaming establishments. 
Texas politicians appear to be more concern about the needs of Texas’ large Metroplex cities, where the votes are, than rest of the state.
When we as citizens look at the states bordering Texas that have legalized gambling, we see Louisiana with a reported 28 % of the state revenue coming from casinos and gaming establishments (as reported in 2006 by KTRH-AM News). And as many Texans will tell you most of the auto plates at the casinos are those of Texans. We are talking major tax dollars here and employment. I often wonder just how much the additional revenue is used to pay for regulation and additional law enforcement officers. I have never seen any of these states report these expenditures for any given year. 
I am aware that many casinos and businessmen in our bordering states will launch a major campaign effort to encourage Texans to vote against gambling. Money will be given to religious groups for get out the vote campaigns against approval, and we must not forget lobbies and hidden elected officials contributions.  So I question if it will ever occur, especially when our Governor opposes it.