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I do not understand why people will give money to charities when they have not paid off their credit cards. 
I do not understand why people will increase their credit card debt to purchase Christmas gifts, when they still have not paid off last year’s Christmas debt.
I do not understand why people stopped making personal Christmas gifts.
Most purchased gifts are just material stuff gifts, why did Americans loose being the true spirit of giving?
A framed picture painted by the giver, a CD of the giver singing, a framed original poem written by the giver, cookies/candy/cakes baked by the giver, Plaster Paris mold of grandchildren’s hand prints with their name and date, a throw/scarf/blanket knitted by the giver, a wood craving done by the giver, and etc. Are gifts that last, they are gifts that create memories; they are gifts of the heart. They are gifts that cost time, but not a lot of money.
I realize that receiving these types of gifts will disappoint small children. However, gifts of parlor puzzles, crazy maze puzzles, wooden puzzles, wooden rocking horse, tops, yo-yo, tower blocks, jacks, and etc. teach skills and often can be hand-made.

I just don’t understand why people go into debt to purchase gifts; It seems so irresponsible to me.