Guess the many states are looking for ways to reduce their budgets.  Only in California would someone suggest that individuals seeking government assistance food stamps be required the entire family have to weigh in and the amount of assistance will be reduced on sliding scale based upon how over weight they are.  It is also suggested the school lunch program be linked to weight limits.

 When I first heard about this, I almost laughed.  Then I recalled all the other weird stuff that started in California and moved across the nation.  First businesses had to have a separate place for non-smoking customers, then no smoking in any public business or building, and then no smoking on public streets and in public parks.

In some cities of California it is unlawful to wear Cologne, perfume, or after shave.  Odd, considering in many of these cities you have to step around very smelly bums panhandling for money.

In some cities of California it is unlawful for food establishments to serve foods cooked in trans-fats.  Odd, considering this state has one of the largest populations of Hispanics.

In some cities of California they are requiring food establishments to not add salt to the food they serve. 

It sure appears that many governments love controlling its citizens.