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Cadbury Chocolates often found close the grocery check out stands in their just bite able packaging, are hard to resist even for dieters.  After all it is very small potion in the packaging.  I don't know about others, but I have emitted chocolate in the diet of my entire family.  And it is going to be rather difficult to keep the grandchildren away from M & M's and other chocolate candies. 

China's desire to fool food testing on the amount of protein in food products have contaminated the powered milk with to much melamine. 

Deadly levels melamine has appeared in China's baby formula and now it is appearing in Cadbury Chocolates manufactured in Hong Kong.  Just how far has the milk product been sold?

I don't trust our food chain anymore when it comes to imports. It appears we only find out about problems after most of the products have been consumed.

I can see a very industrious corporation purchasing the tainted product for almost nothing and trying to mix it into a rather safe product.  Or just holding on to the powder until Christmas or next Easter.