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The Nation of Islam teaches that the black man was the original human and that all yellow, red, brown, and white colors come from the blacks. I sure would like to see the science behind that statement.
Now Louis Farrakhan the leader of the Nation of Islam has told his members that Senator Obama is the Savior, the Messiah. Guess this is another first in American Presidential Races--a candidate to be called the Messiah by a religious leader. 
For individuals that doubt me , just goggle “Farrakhan calls Senator Obama the Messiah”. There are numerous post of the Ytube film clip with Mr. Farrakhan making the statement.
Of course Senator Obama cannot be held responsible for the agenda of Louis Farrakhan, even if only a few houses separate their residence. 
I have never been one to take stock in anything Mr. Farrakhan says. 

I have heard many political analysts say that Mitt Romney did not get the Republican Nomination because he was a Mormon.  Odd how religious beliefs can or can not be an issue.

I would like to see supportive comments from individuals that Senator Obama is the Messiah and how you came to this belief.