Blogs » A Constitutionalist & Believer in Natural Law » Even if Senator McCain wins, the Democrat Party wins.


A few voters have noticed that even if Senator McCain wins the Presidential election next month, the big win is going to occur with the Democrat Party picking up enough Congressional and Senatorial seats to over ride any Presidential veto.

So Democrats should be rejoicing, but I guess they don't want people to take their eye off of the Presidential election longer enough to look at the seats of their law makers.

It may be difficult for the Republican Party to accept, but most polls indicate the Democrat Party will control both houses. 

I just wonder, if Senator McCain becomes a lame Duck President, people will still blame him for any changes in the government over the next four years? Because it appears a lot of people blame President Bush for every bad decesion the government has made over the last 8 years, one would believe from all the negative comments, he ruled the country without a Congress or Senate.