I think all of us wonder just how many fraudulent voters there are. The long history of ACORN and even its most recent disclosed voter registration frauds should make all legal voters mad as hell.  Our votes are being diluted. 

I found the following suggestions on the web and thought they may have some merit. 

Repairing Voting Rules to Prevent Fraud.
  1. Every vote must accompany a fingerprint and government issued picture ID at the time of voting.
    1. Mail in votes should also have an accompanying fingerprint using ink-less media. If fingerprint is smudged or not readable, ballot is held until one can be obtained from voter.
    2. Mail in votes must accompany a legit government issued ID number.
    3. Optic Readers will verify ID number with computer database before ballot is opened for casting/counting.
    4. If ID number is not found in database or a duplicate ballot appears, the fingerprint will be scanned and used to determine if the ballot is legit before the ballot is opened for casting/counting the vote.
  2. Voters voting at a poll will have their thumbs stained purple.
    1. When voters arrive at a polling station, they will have their thumbs inspected for any traces of purple dye.
b.      Pictured issued government ID will be magnetic bar coded to provide rapid comparisons with computer data base and qualifications to cast a vote.
3.   All government pictured ID’s should include recorded fingerprint on the card and in the magnetic card bar. And all data should be in a national data base that prevents voting in more than one state or election. 

I am aware there will be many objections to a picture ID system, because many individuals are against a national ID system.   I contend we already have a national identification system in the form of a Social Security Card number or Immigration Identification Card number. Also, most states already require pictures and digital fingerprinting in order to get a valid driver’s license. And let us face it, if we want to stop identify thief, a national ID system is going to be necessary.  Also, if we are stuck in a foreign country and wanted to prove we were an American citizen, we would be begging for a National ID system.