Until this week, I considered myself being non-sexist. I believe in equal pay, equal employment (with very limited list of exceptions), equal rights to own property/get credit/ and hold public office.  I have encouraged my daughters and other other females in seeking careers in traditional male fields of engineering, business ownership, and etc.

 However, while watching a broadcast of a Senator Obama morning rally, I observed the people behind him.  There was a single, as in one, male standing behind Senator Obama on camera and bout 12-20 females. My thoughts became very critical of the male.  My thoughts were: "I wonder why he is not at work, I sure hope he is not a dead beat and works a evening shift or night shift.

Somewhat in horror,  I thought---Gosh, while did I not think the same thing about everyone there?  Only logical answer is that I am a sexist.  I expect men to work, and I don't expect women to work outside of the home.

Just for the heck of it I made a list of some of my sexist beliefs.

All men should open doors for women, even their wives and daughters.

All men should honor their marriage vows, if they can't they should get a divorce.

All men should honor the opinion of their wives, but the responsibility of housing and finances is that of the husband.

All men should defend the honor of women, even if it means you may get your a@@ kicked.

Men should always pay for the meal.

I bet, I am one that have these same beliefs.